Why should I play?

Are blackjack tournaments worth playing in? Absolutely, blackjack tournaments are worth playing in. To start off with, tournament blackjack offers a great opportunity to change yourself with some new strategies for the game you love to play. Another benefit for tournament blackjack is that generally all of or most of the entry fees paid by the players is used for the prize pool. This means that the casino has little or no interest in the games being played. The players are the big winners in tournament blackjack. Some casinos will even top up the prize pool if the tournament doesn't fill up. This means the casino is actually paying to have players play blackjack. Why would a casino do this? Marketing, the tournament may not make the casino any money but chances are tournament players are going to warm up between rounds at a casino blackjack table or play some blackjack after being eliminated from the tournament. The opportunity to attract a large number of players is a great opportunity for the casino, and in turn for the players.

Most tournaments especially tournaments that span multiple days offer special room rates and free food. This means that if you plan your vacation to Vegas or Atlantic City around a blackjack tournament your going to get a good deal. Since your already planning a trip, scheduling it so you can participate in a blackjack tournament means that you'll save some money and have a chance to win some big money.

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