Tips on Winning a Blackjack Tournament

1. Skill plays a major role in tournament blackjack. Relying on luck is a big mistake. Of course luck will play a role in tournament blackjack just like it does in regular blackjack but relying on luck is a sure way to lose. Make sure you learn successful strategies for tournament blackjack and stick to them.
2. It is important in Tournament Blackjack to not be predictable but you do need to be consistent. Before you begin to play decide on your average wager and make adjustments depending on the situations. Don't be afraid to place larger wagers when it is prudent, also make sure you place smaller wagers when the situation requires it. Remember though if you can keep your opponents guessing as to what you will wager next you will be able to keep them from trumping your wager because they won't know what you'll be betting next.
3. A mistake made by a lot of players in both tournament Blackjack and traditional Blackjack is following someone elses lead. If you bet big make sure it's because you want to bet big not because someone else is betting big. Learn the charts, strategies and how best to play your cards and bet accordingly.
4. Starting off with a large wager may seem like a good idea. Grab the lead quickly and run with it. Unfortunately more often than not you will not grab a big lead and it is far harder to recover from a big loss then it is to slowly build your lead with smart plays and smart wagers.
5. Unlike traditional Blackjack where you are playing against the dealer, in tournament Blackjack you are playing against the dealer and the other players. It is very important to keep track of your opponent's chip stack. Because the winner of tournament Blackjack is decided by the amount of chips each player has, knowing your opponents remaining bankroll will help you in determining your betting strategy. When you are ahead play reasonable wagers, when you are behind, play larger wagers than your opponent.

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